Jennifer Gilmore

JBC Live Chat is a unique opportunity for book groups to interact with authors using video chat services. The program is for book groups of approximately 20 or fewer people. A group may select from our list of nearly 400 authors whose books cover a wide range of genres. This smaller setting and "face to face" interaction offers your book group the opportunity to have all of their questions answered and hear another side of the book they are reading.

Book clubs may chat with as many authors as they would like, with each connection being $20($48 for three). A participating book group must purchase the amount of books that represents at least half the number of members for the live chat, with a minimum of 4 books. Books may be purchased through any retailer, and are also available for purchase on the JBC website (a portion of proceeds go toward supporting Jewish Book Council).

Additional information on the author and on the books is available by clicking on the images. To request an author, simply complete the form below. 

Author Information

Availability: Daytime, Evenings, Weekends
Preferred Formats:  Acting as the discussion facilitator; Being a participant in a facilitated discussion; Giving a short presentation on the book followed by questions; Answering the questions posed by book club members
Time Zone: Eastern
Will speak on the following titles: The Mothers, Something Red, Golden Country