Sunday's on the Phone to Monday

Touchstone  2016


Claudio and Mathilde Simone, once romantic bohemians hopelessly enamored of each other, find themselves nestled in domesticity in New York, running a struggling vinyl record store and parenting three daughters as best they can: Natasha, an overachieving prodigy; sensitive Lucy, with a debilitating heart condition; and Carly, and adopted romantic who is quietly fixated on discovering her true origins.

The years put their tight-knit family bonds to the test as the Simones face mental and physical illness, financial difficulties, and well-kept secrets. Through the ups and downs, they look to their favorite lyrics, to poetry, and to one another for strength. The novel's poetic vignettes introduce readers to a wide range of characters that influence the Simones lives, from the Holocaust survivor who speaks at Carly's school to the Aunt the girls don't know they have. Written in luminous, whimsical prose, Sunday's on the Phone to Monday is an arresting family love story.

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