Angels at the Gate: The Story of Lot's Wife

Cappuccino Books  2015


Based on historical, Biblical, and archaeological research, visits to the Middle East, and a large measure of creativity, Angels at the Gate is the story of Adira, destined to become Lot's wife, the unnamed Biblical figure who turned into a pillar of salt as she fled the destruction of Sodom. A daughter of Abram's tribe, Adira is an impetuous young girl whose mother died in childbirth. Secretly raised as a boy in her father's caravan and schooled in languages and the art of negotiation, Adira rejects the looming changes of womanhood that threaten her nomadic life and independence.

But with the arrival of two mysterious strangers—Northmen rumored to be holy or possibly even Angels—Adira's world unravels. Raiders invade the caravan, and she loses everything she values most—her father, her freedom, and even the Angels.

Caught between her oath to her father to return to her tribe and the "proper life" for a woman, and tormented by an impossible love, Adira abandons all she has known in a dangerous quest to seek revenge and find her kidnapped Angel. With only her beloved dog, Nami, at her side, Adira must use the skills she leaned in the caravan to survive the perils of the desert, Sodom, and her own heart.

Angels at the Gate is a story of adventure and the power of love, exploring themes about choice, the importance of asking the right questions, and walking the fine edge between duty and personal freedom.

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