JBC Awards

In the past 68 years, the Jewish Book Council has awarded over 680 books Jewish literary awards. These prestigious awards recognize outstanding literature in the field and aim to encourage authors to continue to write on themes of Jewish interest.

The National Jewish Book Awards, which began in 1950, is the longest running awards program of its kind in the field of Jewish literature and is recognized as the most prestigious. The awards, presented by category, are designed to give recognition to outstanding books, to stimulate writers to further literary creativity and to encourage the reading of worthwhile titles.

The Sami Rohr Prize recognizes the unique role of contemporary writers in the transmission and examination of Jewish life today and throughout the ages. The Prize is designed to encourage and promote outstanding emerging writers who will make a significant contribution to Jewish literature.  The $100,000 Prize, the largest monetary prize in the field, is presented to fiction and non-fiction writers in alternating years.

The Natan Book Award at the Jewish Book Council brings Natan’s values of infusing Jewish life with creativity and meaning into the intellectual arena by supporting and promoting a breakthrough book intended for mainstream audiences that will catalyze conversations around the reinvention of Jewish life and community for the 21st century; changing notions of individual and collective Jewish identity; and the evolving relationship between Israel and world Jewry. The Award is a two-stage award, offering at most a total of $25,000. This is a pre-publication award and the prize winner will be announced prior to the book's publication date.