JBC Reviews

To Submit a Book for Review

Jewish Book Council features hundreds of reviews every year. For a title to be considered for review, the book must be available in English in the United States. Jewish Book Council is currently accepting submissions with a late 2018 or 2019 copyright.

Books are reviewed at the discretion of the editorial team, who evaluate books based on quality and Jewish content. Please note that we only review a small number of the books that are submitted to us. 

Due to the large number of submissions Jewish Book Council receives, it usually takes the editorial team two to three months to reach a decision on each submission. If, after that time, you would like to check on the status of your submission, you may email jbc@jewishbooks.org with the name of your book and the date you submitted the title. Please be aware that we will not notify you once a decision has been reached unless you contact us in this manner. We do not provide feedback as to why or why not specific books are chosen to be reviewed.

To submit a book for review consideration, please send

  • two copies (three for children's/YA)
  • a press release/publication information (publication date, publisher, price, ISBN)
  • your contact information (including an email address)

to the following address: 

Managing Editor
Jewish Book Council
520 8th Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Review copies will not be returned. 

To Become a Volunteer Reviewer

Please send a letter of interest to jbc@jewishbooks.org with two nonfiction writing samples (preferably book reviews) of 350–600 words linked or attached. Your letter should include details about the kinds of topics and genres that interest you and/or speak to your background and expertise. You will be contacted for further information if there is an opportunity for review.