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It's been a busy month, but that hasn't stopped us from burying our noses in books! Find out what the Jewish Book Council staff has been reading this month.

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Killing a King

Pick of the Week Killing a King

Dan Ephron

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Current Review

The Bed Moved

The Bed Moved

by Rebecca Schiff

Why the cross-generational characters of 'The Bed Moved'—who have what they don’t really want—and 'Scary Old Sex'—who don’t really want what they have—deserve to be listened to. read more

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From the JBC Blog

Book Cover of the Week:
Turned Inside Out

by Nat Bernstein
The artwork for Steven Shankman's forthcoming memoir is perfection: a graphic blend of literal and abstract representation of the story that strikes the appealing balance of spare clutter, painted in just the right colors.

If It Didn't Exactly Happen, Can It Be True?

by Andrea Simon
Andrea Simon once drove a hundred miles to check if a sign read 'Fallen Rock Zone' or 'Falling Rock Zone'. “When I found both signs in similar locations,” she confesses, “I flipped a coin and convinced myself that no sane person would ever check such a detail.”