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Book Giveaway: Win a Copy of Seinfeldia

Enter our giveaway contest by September 2 to win a copy of Jennifer Keishin Armstrong's highly popular book, Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything!

New Category and Dedication for the National Jewish Book Awards Announced

Celebrating the program's 66th year, Jewish Book Council is pleased to announce two new developments for the National Jewish Book Awards.

Now Available: 2016 National Jewish Book Award Guidelines

Find the guidelines and submission forms for the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards here.

The Newest Dish on Jewish Fish

Discover the Jewish culinary renaissance of fishy fare with a panel event on Ashkenazi cuisine's most "acquired tastes" this September at the Center for Jewish History.

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The Betrayers

Pick of the Week The Betrayers

David Bezmozgis

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Current Review

Alligator Candy

Alligator Candy

by David Kushner

Only four years old when his brother Jon disappeared, David Kushner grew up haunted as much by what he knew of what happened as by what he didn’t. read more

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Book Cover of the Week: Fascinating—The Life of Leonard Nimoy

by Nat Bernstein
Combine our passion for great books for young readers with our love for all things Leonard Nimoy, and you get...

How Social Media Is Changing the Orthodox Jewish World

by Zev Eleff
The maintenance of informed and diplomatic public conversation is essential to Judaism, particularly in anxious moments of tumult. Is social media providing the best forum for that kind of discourse?