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The Tumbling Turner Sisters

Pick of the Week The Tumbling Turner Sisters

Juliette Fay

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Louis Bamberger

Louis Bamberger

by Linda B. Forgosh

An introduction to the accomplishments of department store innovator and philanthropist Louis Bamberger leaves the door open for future researchers. read more

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From the JBC Blog

Miriam Libicki's Artistic Process

by Miriam Libicki
"In this collection," Miriam Libicki points out of Toward a Hot Jew, "people who know how to look can see the evolution of my artistic skill over the course of the essay, and how form follows function follows format."

The Pitch Process

by Miriam Libicki
How graphic essayist Miriam Libicki sold her most recent collection of drawn essays, Toward a Hot Jew, at comic-cons around the world, zine by zine.